one-on-one coaching

Is it your dream to work in Sports but are you unsure of where and how to start? Do you need some guidance on what potential jobs best suit your skills and interests?

During our one-on-one coaching sessions we identify and assess your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and opportunities in order to provide you with individualised advice on how to kickstart your career!



Week 1: We kick off the mentoring journey with a 30-minute discovery call during which we talk about your aspirations, interests and skills. We then follow-up with a personalised mentoring scheme proposal - based on your context.


Week 2: In week two, we assess your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and opportunities - in order to discover your dream job within the Sports industry.


Week 3: In week 3, then provide you with an in-depth overview of the different career prospects that fit your skills and interests (incl. what companies/organisations offer such positions and the corresponding tasks and responsibilities) 


Week 4: In week 4, we create an overview of the different university/master degrees that could be of benefit to you to acquire more knowledge.


Week 5: In week 5, once we have identified your dream role, we review and optimise your resume/cover letter and LinkedIn profile to help you gain work experience in the field. Combined with the application of our various networking and personal brand positioning strategies.


Week 6: In the last week, we guide you towards finding relevant job/internship opportunities, explain the most relevant networking and personal branding strategies and help you prepare for interviews. 

Duration: 6 weeks (1h session per week)

Price: €125 per session



  • Personalised SWOT Analysis

  • Dream job discovery

  • Resume/Cover letter/LinkedIn profile reviews and optimisation

  • Networking strategies 

  • Interview preparation

  • Weekly homework assignments


Sports Stadium

E. Alberto,

Sports Business & Law Student

A couple of weeks ago I had no idea where exactly do I belong in the field of Sports. Thanks to your valuable guidance I now know where do I belong and how to succesfully launch my career in this area. I greatly appreciate the time you've taken to share your knowledge with me.